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This handmade, beaded bracelet is crafted with a unique blend of 5 different types of wood. Each bead is carefully selected and strung together to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that exudes bohemian style. The natural variations in the wood add character and depth to the bracelet, making it a truly unique accessory. The bracelet comes is many sizes to fit any wrist, and the natural wood beads are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Not only is this bracelet a perfect accessory for anyone who loves nature-inspired jewelry, it's also great for those who practice meditation, wellness, and yoga. The natural wood beads provide a tactile sensation that can help to focus the mind during meditation, and the bohemian style of the bracelet can add a touch of tranquility to any yoga practice. It's a perfect accessory for anyone who wants to incorporate a little bit of nature into their daily routine. 

Union Crisp Fall Edition Mala Beaded Bracelet

SKU: d6f98802
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